Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let's talk twice...Twice as Nice, that is

Hello :) I got to thinking about my backlist and how I don't give it enough attention. After all, as an author I'm very focused on what I'm writing now.

But I thought I'd start bringing up my backlist from time-to-time so if you haven't heard of these books, they might catch your interest.

Today, I'm giving you Twice as Nice: Anya's Tale

Sex therapist Anya Travers doesn't have many complaints about her lover. Peter is attentive and loves to bring her multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, so far, he hasn't been willing to give her one thing. And that one thing she wants one more than anything.

Imagine her surprise when he finally reveals why and she has far more reasons to rejoice than she ever dreamed!


The one thing she had not been able to decide upon was what to wear. After trying every sexy outfit she had, she finally gave up and chose a different path. After melting a bottle of body chocolate, she painted herself in the mirror so that she now was a piece of art. “I will be his dessert,” she told herself in the mirror, a gleam lighting her eyes at the thought.

When his knock came at the door, she walked over and opened it, swinging the door wide so he could get the full image right away. His expression turned from happiness to surprise to passion in less than a minute and she was almost sure he let out a little growl. Thrilled she looked down, happy to see his pants bulging painfully. Well, if she had her way, the linen wouldn’t be holding him back for long.

Twice as Nice: Anya's Tale is a 12,000 word, pandimensional erotic novelette.

Available via:

Barnes & Noble

Monday, April 14, 2014

What is discipline to you?

Most of the spanking books on the market deal with the spanking, but not why that does it for the character. Today as I was working on something for myself, the question came to me: What is it about a discipline relationship that makes it something I NEED?

It isn't the spanking. (If it was just the spanking, I could go to the local BDSM club and get my ass paddled weekly.) Now, don't get me wrong – I love a hand across my ass. It turns me on and is also an effective discipline strategy. But that isn't why I need a dominant partner.

It is because in a loving discipline relationship, there is safety. Safety to be who I am, safety to act upon my emotions, safety to give that over to someone I know who will take that into consideration and be more than willing to take that stress away from me. Joy in handing over the big decisions that make me go round in circles until I cannot see straight to someone who has no trouble doing so; who, in fact, loves being him as just as much as I love being me.

I can see, especially to someone who is either vanilla or who isn't of this mindset, that this seems abhorrent. They may even think it is only in books/fantasy and that real people aren't like that at all. But some of us are wired this way.

It is difficult talking about anything like this, because labels are so individualistic. I say I need a discipline relationship and anyone who reads this will immediately add "Domestic" in front of that and attach all of their ideas and thoughts on the phrase. In their mind, I am looking for the kind of relationship that 'domestic discipline' means to them.

I know some within the DD realm like to distance themselves from the BDSM moniker. I used to wonder why as to me, DD is just a subset of the D/s tag, but lately I think I've got it. Because so many within the BDSM acronym are in it just for what happens within the bedroom. Outside the bedroom, they are someone completely different than who they are inside of it.  There is also the issue that some in DD focus it as a very religious concept, which is fine for them.

Those are some of the reasons I chose to just use the term loving discipline.

Because I am also submissive and kinky as all get out and it is at the core of who I am – not just in the bedroom.

To me, Loving Discipline is freedom, safety, and like being given the world on a platter.

What is it to you?

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Don't do this! #SeductiveSnS #gay #horror #erotica

Hello, Seductive Studs & Sirens! How is your Saturday going?

I thought I'd give you a look-see into one of my many WIPs. Soon, I'll be giving you hints on my upcoming MM Prompt Challenge piece for Love's Landscapes. This week? I'm giving you a scary little snippet from a story I have simply titled: Jared.

* * * * *

The light flickered in the background, ominous and cold. Trembling, Jared jerked at the ropes that bound him, securing him to the wall of this place. He had no idea where he was, but knew he had been here before. "Help!" he called, wincing as his voice echoed back to him from the stone walls. Yanking again, he grimaced as the rope burned him. "Help!"

The sound of a door slamming wide caught his attention and he looked around trying to find out where it came from. 

"Well, well, well," sneered a voice he hated and he turned to glare at the woman standing beside him. Wearing a white gown with gold filigree on each swinging sleeve, she smiled, though her smile sent fear through him. "If it isn't my husband's eldest son." She looked him up and down and shook her head. "You are not man enough to inherit his lands. In fact, you are not a man at all, are you?" 

Confused, he looked down to find a low bench fitted up against him and to his shock, his cock was lying on top of it, tied down.  Turning to her, his heart began to beat harder and harder as she pulled out a long knife from behind her back. "No, no! Don't do this!" he begged. 

* * * * *

Now that you're cringing, back to your regular scheduled hopping...oh and don't forget to check out all my works before you go!

Notice of URL change

Okay, so after much thought and due to some amazing circumstances that I will not go into here, I have elected to give up the majority of my vanity URLs. I am keeping just because I have it paid up to until 2017, but the rest of them are going to get phased out.

I'm starting with this one.

Why? No reason other than this is the one I started with.

So when you hit a google error or a 'this page cannot be displayed error', it's probably due to the change. Too many posts to go in and change URLs for everything,  but I will at least try to update the most recent.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I want to move to Corbin's Bend now! #spanking #interview #CorbinsBend

Is everyone ready for May 7th? I know I am! Corbin's Bend will be open for occupancy!

What's Corbin's Bend? What? You mean you haven't heard? Well, come on over to Cara Bristol's blog as she grilled me about this amazing community at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Thankfully it didn't hurt much ;)

Friday, April 4, 2014

The world turned sideways #SeductiveSnS

Hello Seductive Studs & Sirens! How's your Saturday going?

Thought I'd give you another little taste of Blake & Dusty. Dusty has just had a rather extreme sexual experience before this paragraph.

* * * * *

"Holy shit," he gasped, blinking his eyes open only to find he was lying on the floor of the bathroom. As he tried to get up, the gasp turned to a groan. His hand immediately grasped the left side of his head as the world tried to turn sideways and felt a bump. "Great," he groaned. "I pissed so hard I passed out. I'm never lettin' blake hold it very long unless I'm there to be with him when this happens." A small smile at the thought of having blake here in his playroom crossed his face even as he winced from the movement. Dusty might not know what his sub looked like, but he truly did not care. He had seen the boy's body and was beginning to know and understand his mind. Every time they spoke, blake fit even more into Dusty's ideal of the perfect sub.

* * * * *

Book Description:

The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Length: Novel
Genre: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Blake Loughton was pretty sure life was over at the age of forty. All he did was work, work, work, except for the few hours a week he spent online with a dominant who seemed to get him. When he met his dom in person quite by accident, it changed everything, especially when he fell in love with the man behind the online persona.

At thirty-four Dusty Brandon had been involved in his alternative lifestyle for ages, but hadn't had a sub in years until he met Blake online. The more he knew him, the more he wanted to take things further. Getting through Blake's barriers used all the knowledge he had, but getting his boy to move to Texas took even more.

Join Blake and Dusty on their journey from meeting online to the moment Sir collars his boy. A BDSM erotic romance sure to make everything worth it. Two men. Dominance, submission, kink, and love. The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin - an erotic romance you won't want to miss.

Available at: