Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Announcing the release of Corey Harper's Born of Desire and Blood

I am excited today to announce the release of Born of Desire and Blood, the first erotic romance novel by my friend Corey Harper.

His thirst for vengeance. Her desire for his touch. Their chase through eternity.

“Kenzi” Katherine MacKenzie is being hunted by Duncan Munroe. For four hundred years he has searched for her, their immortal baobhan sith bodies immune to age, her crime against him driving his thirst for vengeance. His need to be free of the sith curse.

But what he discovers when he captures her—what they both discover in each other—upends their centuries-long chase into something far greater. Something frightening.

Something eternal.

Here's an excerpt from “Born of Desire and Blood: Book One of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy”, an erotic paranormal D/s romance with a variety of delightfully naughty perversions that Duncan and Kenzi--Corey's hero and heroine--get up to.

Thank you, Thianna, for having me here for the release of my book today.

In the following snippet, Duncan is giving chase across the Northern California hillsides on a moonlit night, and is about to capture an impish and naughty Kenzi.

And by the way, Duncan and Kenzi are special, in an immortal, nearly-invulnerable sort of way: they are baobhan sith.

* * * * *

Kenzi rocketed up a hill in front of him, and the incline did not slow her at all. Duncan followed, again closing the gap. She wasn’t going to escape this time!

His erection strained at his jeans, and he longed to remove them and allow his brute complete freedom. But first, he would capture his prey and strip the remaining shreds of cloth from her glorious body.

He wanted to devour her. He wanted to slide his tongue across her throat, stopping at her pulsating vein, just long enough to make her wonder, Will he?, and then glide wet and hot across her graceful collarbone, down her chest, to her swollen breasts…

He was almost upon her.

“Hi, Kenzi,” he said from three feet behind her.

He heard her gasp, and she tossed a look over her shoulder. “No, you don’t!” she laughed. Like before, she darted to the side, but he was there.

And there.

And there!

Kenzi stumbled in confusion, but stayed on her feet, still running. He knew what she was wondering—how could he be in three places at the same time?

He would teach her the trick later, but now—

He waited, and she flitted to her right, away from one of the many Duncans that seemed to surround her. And right into his waiting arms.

“Hello, my darling,” he said, scooping her up into his arms and running towards the top of the hill, where a giant boulder lay half–buried in the soil.

Kenzi gasped a huge breath, her eyes locked on his in amazement as he carried her. Her heart, so relaxed during her run, now threatened to pound from her milky chest.

“How—?” she panted, not from exertion, but the excitement that he had captured her. She put her palms against his chest, pushing a little, but they both knew the chase was over. Her eyes shone in the moonlight.

“I have you, my darling,” he said, kissing her forehead as he slowed at the top of the hill. “You are mine.”

She shivered in his arms, and put hers around his neck, her hands fisting in his hair. “You don’t play fair,” she protested, resting her head on his broad chest.

“And I never will,” he said. “Not when it comes to capturing the girl of my dreams.”

She trembled again. “Promise?”


He reached the boulder at the top, sought the flattened part he knew was there, sat on it, nestling her into his lap. His land surrounded them; no one around for miles. No one to hear.

“Now what am I to do with my naughty little girl?” he wondered, looking sternly at her.

“Oooh,” she sighed, going limp under his darkening gaze. “Anything you want.”

Without warning, he flipped her over and threw her across his knees, her naked bottom upwards, her belly lying against his left leg, her heavy breasts hanging.

“What… what are you doing?” She half–giggled, half–trembled. But he could hear her heart race as he stroked his hand across the smooth skin of her buttocks, so he knew her fear was the kind she had sought from him.

“What happens to all naughty girls,” he said, deepening his voice, and she rewarded him with another shiver. He caressed her bottom more firmly.

“Will it hurt?”

“Do you want it to?”

She was silent a moment, then said in a small voice, “Yes.”


“Does that make me a slut?”

He bent forward and kissed her left ass cheek, then the right. He slid his tongue across both, then down the cleft between. He paused a moment at the tight rosette, gave it a flick with his tongue, and she jumped, then quivered like a trapped fawn.

“It makes you my slut,” he growled.

* * * * *

Corey Harper writes erotic romance fiction, mostly paranormal, all with M/f D/s spice. (Spanking may be included.) And always with a HEA (Happily Ever After).

He writes characters that lead with their hearts, think with their brains, and explore their passions with everything else.

And yes, he is a Dom.

To learn more about him, and why a man like him writes erotic romance stories, read his Smashwords interview.

To purchase Born of Desire and Blood, or just to learn more about it and its author, check out the following links:

Purchase at:

Find out more at:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Time for a little Lights! Camera! Ecstasy! #erotica #masturbation #backlist

Time for another little look-see into my backlist.

Lights! Camera! Ecstasy! is a little known short story I wrote over a year ago. And this is why:

Masturbation, female masturbation in particular, is not discussed openly. It is one of those topics that gets pushed aside or joked about in whispers. 

It is time to bring it out of the shadows. Women masturbate just as often, if not more, than men. (We do have that wonderful multi-orgasmic thing going on.)

For the last few years I have been working on a seminar to help women identify and accept whole-heartedly the sexual being they are inside. Masturbation is a part of that. If you still feel guilty about touching yourself, find a way around it. There is not only nothing wrong with touching yourself for self-gratification, but also if you don’t know what feels good, how can you help your partner(s) show you what you enjoy?

This story was written with all of that in mind. ‘Kitty’ is somewhat repressed, though she has found and embraced the joys of bringing herself pleasure. When faced with the knowledge that her boss saw her do it, she is faced with a dilemma. Fold or let the exhibitionist within out.

Lights! Camera! Ecstasy!

Length: Short Story
Genre: Erotica
Series: None

When her boss caught her masturbating at work, she was embarrassed. That it was to his picture made it even worse. Until he made her an offer she could not refuse.

A gift for those of us who do not have anyone special... except our own hand. And who can love you better than yourself? A celebratory short erotic story of self-loving.

Available via:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cover Reveal for Heat Waves anthology

I am pleased to be able to help some fellow authors by doing a cover reveal for their anthology which comes out July 1!

With the weather heating up for the summer, let the stories within this book propel the temperature a bit higher.

Heat Waves is a summer themed anthology comprised of eight stories that come to life by allowing your inner desires to run free with the power of the written word blended with your naughty imagination. 

Join eight authors as they take you on an erotic journey that will have you withering in your seat. 

We hope you enjoy all of the stories and, who knows, you might find your next favourite author.

Heat Waves is a summer themed erotic anthology starring:

(Links open up Facebook pages)
Carrie Anne Ward
John Satisfy
RT Steory
Sharon Cummin
Paige Matthews
Ashen White
AJ Walters
Edward Naughty

For more information on the anthology itself, check out Carrie Anne's blog.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Two strong arms encircled him #SeductiveSnS #gay #shortstories #fairytale

Hello Seductive Studs & Sirens! Getting your fill of GLBT+ fiction this Saturday?

I'm giving you a snippet from one of my short stories volumes today. Volumes IV, VII, IX, & X are all filled with M/M erotica. And Volume XI has F/F. This snippet is from Do You Believe In Fairy Tales? from Volume IV.

Covlin's being gay wasn't a problem until his elder brothers died and it was up to him to take up the mantel of future leader of his clan. Tonight he would meet the leaders of other clans and the daughters they brought with them. He must accept his father's choice of one clan to align with, one girl as his wife. It all sounds like a depressing story that couldn't possibly end well...unless you believe in fairy tales.

This snippet takes place the afternoon of this oh, so fateful night.

* * * * *

The stress grew and when the kings and their guards arrived along with daughters they hoped he would choose, he could not handle it anymore and ran into the woods. By law he should not be there as it did not belong to his people, but the woods were the only place he wanted to go, the only place that calmed him. And the only place he ever met up with Kalen. He had no idea who Kalen was; had just run into him one day while out hunting. Tall, with light skin and bright yellow eyes, he was striking and when he showed interest, the two of them had spent more than one wonderful afternoon in each other’s arms.

When Covlin entered the darkness of the woods, he didn’t expect to find his lover—he hadn’t been there for so long—but the moment he passed out of sight of his village, two strong arms encircled him from behind and he knew who it was. 

“Kalen,” he groaned.

* * * * *

Book Description:
Erotic Shorts Volume IV

Length: Short Stories
Genre: M/M Erotica
Series: Thianna D's Erotic Shorts

Short erotic stories that will get your motor going. Thianna D's Erotic Shorts Volume IV are all erotic M/M stories. Enjoy gay erotica? This is right up your alley.

Stories included:

How Had Karen Known?: Riley knew he wasn't attracted to his girlfriend but he refused to acknowledge why. Until she set him up with Jason.

Nathaniel’s Journey Chapter One: Nathan was excited to read his new M/M book, but when reality pre-plays out each chapter, he finds pleasure he had never experienced before.

Day Dreams: Derrian is out, but shy, and tends to lose himself in his day dreams. When the subject of one of his most lurid dreams asks him for sex, what else can he do?

Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?: Covlin was not supposed to be next in line for the throne; now, instead of enjoying himself with his lover Kalen, he must prepare himself to marry a chosen female. In fairy tales, things must go wrong to go right.

Make Me Yours: Cairn and Destri have had a rough road but finally, they are married. And tonight, Destri asks something new of Cairn.

Thank you, Mr. Branthon: Jonar was there for a quick fuck. But the untouchable Connor Branthon just added a whole new level of hot.

Dream Fodder, Mr. Branthon: No matter what, Jonar cannot get Mr. Branthon off his mind. He even invades his shower time.

I Would Give Anything, Mr. Branthon: He planned to stay strong, but watching Mr. Branthon flog another man was Jonar's undoing.

Just For Tonight, Mr. Branthon: It might be the only time but just for tonight, Jonar would enjoy being Mr. Branthon's boy.

Get On With It, Old Man!: Excerpt from Hand of God by Raya Ezelle - Jeremy has a lot of deep anger toward his old religious leader only to find he needs him now.

Erotic Shorts Volume IV available from:

Barnes and Noble

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let's talk twice...Twice as Nice, that is

Hello :) I got to thinking about my backlist and how I don't give it enough attention. After all, as an author I'm very focused on what I'm writing now.

But I thought I'd start bringing up my backlist from time-to-time so if you haven't heard of these books, they might catch your interest.

Today, I'm giving you Twice as Nice: Anya's Tale

Sex therapist Anya Travers doesn't have many complaints about her lover. Peter is attentive and loves to bring her multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, so far, he hasn't been willing to give her one thing. And that one thing she wants one more than anything.

Imagine her surprise when he finally reveals why and she has far more reasons to rejoice than she ever dreamed!


The one thing she had not been able to decide upon was what to wear. After trying every sexy outfit she had, she finally gave up and chose a different path. After melting a bottle of body chocolate, she painted herself in the mirror so that she now was a piece of art. “I will be his dessert,” she told herself in the mirror, a gleam lighting her eyes at the thought.

When his knock came at the door, she walked over and opened it, swinging the door wide so he could get the full image right away. His expression turned from happiness to surprise to passion in less than a minute and she was almost sure he let out a little growl. Thrilled she looked down, happy to see his pants bulging painfully. Well, if she had her way, the linen wouldn’t be holding him back for long.

Twice as Nice: Anya's Tale is a 12,000 word, pandimensional erotic novelette.

Available via:

Barnes & Noble

Monday, April 14, 2014

What is discipline to you?

Most of the spanking books on the market deal with the spanking, but not why that does it for the character. Today as I was working on something for myself, the question came to me: What is it about a discipline relationship that makes it something I NEED?

It isn't the spanking. (If it was just the spanking, I could go to the local BDSM club and get my ass paddled weekly.) Now, don't get me wrong – I love a hand across my ass. It turns me on and is also an effective discipline strategy. But that isn't why I need a dominant partner.

It is because in a loving discipline relationship, there is safety. Safety to be who I am, safety to act upon my emotions, safety to give that over to someone I know who will take that into consideration and be more than willing to take that stress away from me. Joy in handing over the big decisions that make me go round in circles until I cannot see straight to someone who has no trouble doing so; who, in fact, loves being him as just as much as I love being me.

I can see, especially to someone who is either vanilla or who isn't of this mindset, that this seems abhorrent. They may even think it is only in books/fantasy and that real people aren't like that at all. But some of us are wired this way.

It is difficult talking about anything like this, because labels are so individualistic. I say I need a discipline relationship and anyone who reads this will immediately add "Domestic" in front of that and attach all of their ideas and thoughts on the phrase. In their mind, I am looking for the kind of relationship that 'domestic discipline' means to them.

I know some within the DD realm like to distance themselves from the BDSM moniker. I used to wonder why as to me, DD is just a subset of the D/s tag, but lately I think I've got it. Because so many within the BDSM acronym are in it just for what happens within the bedroom. Outside the bedroom, they are someone completely different than who they are inside of it.  There is also the issue that some in DD focus it as a very religious concept, which is fine for them.

Those are some of the reasons I chose to just use the term loving discipline.

Because I am also submissive and kinky as all get out and it is at the core of who I am – not just in the bedroom.

To me, Loving Discipline is freedom, safety, and like being given the world on a platter.

What is it to you?

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