Didn't make it this week - #exercisechallenge

Whoops! Didn't make my goal for the exercise challenge this week.

My goals were:

I made it to the gym 4x, but only 3x did I do the 30+minutes - all three over 11 miles. 1 time I got pissed because some idiot started spraying poisonous cleaners around, clogging up my lungs. I let her have it and left. Still got in 5 miles, but ugh. Was so pissed that an exercise place is so stupid it doesn't protect our health.

I didn't get my weight training done at all. *grimace* I need to sign up for a trainer again - someone to kick my ass. Or maybe a dom to beat my ass if I don't. Either or... though the second one has perks.

I stretched 5 out of the seven days. On those days, I didn't have back problems. On the other 2 days, I did. 

So, same goals for next week. This time I will prevail.

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