Happy Birthday, Kat!

Today is a very special birthday. Kat from Anastasia Vitsky's series Kat & Natalie series is having a birthday bash. (Links below)

She asked us to share some birthday wishes and here is my letter to the birthday girl.

Dear Kat,

Happy Birthday! Another year down…and hopefully the next year will be the best of your life so far. I thought on this wonderfully celebratory day of all days, I would help you – one sub to another – in dealing with your dominant. Here are a few pointers that might help:

Once again, a very happy birthday… hmm, I wonder how many spankings you will get this year because we both know birthday spankings start with how old you are and then just keep adding up. 

Between you and me? I think dominants can’t count – one of the reasons they make us do it…but I wouldn’t say that either if I were you ;)

Happy B-day!

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