A look back on 2013...and a look forward to 2014 #goals

Hi all :)

It was just about this time last year that I looked through my goals, closed ones from years past and opened new ones. So, before I head into 2014, where do I sit with the goals I set last December? As a side note, I haven't looked at that actual list since I posted it last year.

Here were the goals set:

Well, here is what I achieved:

So, I got some things achieved and am very happy with the results. But I can do better ;) 

Which ones didn't I achieve as of this written post?

But one thing I achieved this last Fall is immeasurable. I really started learning how to attract to myself exactly what I want. Have I perfected it yet? Not yet, but I am getting better every day. Not only that, but I am doing something I always wanted to do since I was a little girl, but was told was impossible. Well, it's not. I've done it and I'm doing it daily. Woot! (And for those of you that know my 'other' name, it was posted on an 'other' blog a couple months ago. *grin*

So, for next year, what are my goals?

I'm looking forward to an amazing 2014, how about you?

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