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It's another WipItUp Wednesday.

I'm continuing on with the highlander/time-travel novel I'm writing. This continues from my post last week, which was the ending of Chapter 1. This starts Chapter 2.


“How are you enjoying London?” Cornelius Howe asked as they sat down to dinner. Jasmine had now been in England for five days and had been pleased when he asked her to dinner. While she was enjoying herself, she needed to see a familiar face.

“It’s wonderful,” she admitted. “Though a bit daunting. There is so much I want to see and if I want to get it all in, I’ll never leave London at all. And yet there are so many other things I’d love to see outside of it as well.”

He smiled as their waiter took their order and left. “Yes, there is much to see in our beautiful country. Where do you want to go?”

She babbled on through their meal about all the places she wanted to see, leaving out the one that stood out firmly in her mind. After all, she didn’t really want to go there. Unfortunately she had promised her grandmother that she would. And that weighed heavily on her conscience. Even if she had made the promise to a dead woman. It was still a promise.


WIP Title - Mystic Torch

WIP Blurb - For Jasmine MacLeary, coming home was not as joyous as it could have been. For she only came to England at the request of her grandmother's solicitor and only after hearing that her beloved grandmother was dead. She thought she was there to get things in order. Nothing prepared her for the quest her deceased relative sent her on.

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